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Our first project #searchforsteven began immediately when Steven Beare was confirmed missing on Mount Elbrus in Russia.  Through this search, Climbing for Beare was born and continues to grow and aide in the search, rescue and recovery of mountaineers across the world. 

Project 1. Phase 2.

Phase 2 entails an extremely organized thorough search for the recovery of Steven Beare.  At this point it is believe he is no longer alive and we are still trying to find him and bring him home to his family.  The goal through this phase is to raise over 100k to allow for prolonged time in the Helicopters and more rescuers on foot.  In mid to late August much of the snow on Mount Elbrus will have melted down the the ice level of the glaciers.  The hope is that somewhere Steven will have been uncovered.  We will perform an even more thorough and significantly more organized grid search of the entire mountain to recover him.  Additional planning continues to take place through this phase of the #searchforsteven. 

Project 1. Phase 1.

The initial search began by Russian Search and Rescue teams the morning of June 18th.  Teams set out of foot and by snow cat and searched for Steven at approximately 4700 meters over the next day and a half.  A second storm began the afternoon of the 19th and the search was postponed.  On and off the search on foot continued as the weather permitted by the Russian SAR teams.  On Thursday June 22nd Don Bowie, a privately hired mountaineer and rescuer arrived in Russia.  He began searching by Helicopter provided by HeliAction on June 23rd and continued as the weather allowed for safe searching.  Due to the difficulty navigating a heli at high altitudes, the helicopters were not able to fly in high winds or cloudy conditions.  The weather significantly reduced the amount of search time.  On Friday June 30th Don Bowie left Russia to return to his previous engagements in France.  Russian SAR teams continued to search on foot while Don continued to have the Helicopters go out with very specific search areas on the mountain.  No items of Steven's, or Steven himself was located during Phase One of the search.  

Future Project 2.

We would love to help you in the search, rescue, and recovery of your loved one.  If you know of someone who has gone missing while attempting to climb one of the many gorgeous international peaks of the world please contact us immediately to see what resources we have that would be available both where the climber went missing, and where you and your family currently reside.  


Our goal is for our relief to be two fold.  Helping to organize search teams in and around the mountain where your climber is; as well as helping you at home get various supports to continue everyday needs from meals, errands, and household maintenance.  We are honored to help you and your family.

Our Projects.  

Image of the Helicopter route on one day's worth of flights during #searchforsteven 

Image of Mt Elbrus with the South Route marked to the summit of the West Peak


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