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Climbing for Beare is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides search, rescue and recovery assistance for United States mountaineers that have gone missing while climbing internationally, and aiding the family of the climber at home.  We have the ability through a wide range of connections with international search and rescue teams to assist with setting up a search for the climber, assisting to raise funds and donations for the search, as well as many various connections throughout the United States to help the family locally with errands, childcare, household chores etc.  



Climbing For Beare began in July 2017 immediately following the Phase One search for a 32 year old United States citizen Steven Beare, of Littleton, Colorado who went missing while climbing Mount Elbrus in Russia. Immediately following confirmation that Steven was missing, the Colorado National Guard was contacted to alert them, and Brian Doble, Steven's current Commanding Officer stepped in and assisted in the search.  Brian helped contacting government officials including the Consulate General to notify them of a missing American Soldier.  Brian also aided in support for getting an expedited VISA for Don Bowie, our privately hired world known mountaineer and rescuer. Within two days of being contacted Don had his VISA in hand and was boarding a flight to Russia. 

Christopher Kuelling 
Board Member

Chris is an avid mountain climber himself. He has been on many peaks across the United States and internationally. He was the first eyes and ears on the ground communicating directly with Russian search teams, and with Olivia back in Colorado. Chris is an attorney and helped in development of the bylaws and documents for the foundation.

Mission & History

Brian Doble
Board Member

Brian was a vital support in the #searchforsteven from day one.  Serving in the Colorado National Guard Brian was able to assist with networking, fundraising, and acquiring additional supports for Olivia and her family.  Brian requested to be apart of Climbing for Beare from day one.

Brent Kieffer
Board Member

Brent is an officer at Littleton Police Department in Colorado.  Brent has always had an interest in climbing mountains and views himself as a novice.  He is eager to gain experience on the Colorado 14ners and build his skills as a mountaineer through the foundation. 

Amy Hoeye
Board Member

Amy is an experienced CPA from Littleton, CO. She assisted from day one in filing all the tax forms and paperwork needed to create Climbing For Beare as a 501(c)3.  She helped with delegating roles and responsibilities amongst the Board Members, and assisted with creating projections for upcoming years. 

Jerry Kissell
Board Member

Jerry is a born and raised resident of Leadville, Colorado the highest city in the US.  He has spent his entire career inspecting Mines throughout the country.  Jerry has known Steven two years and considers him a surrogate son.  

Working With You

Our Team. 

One of the initial contacts on the Mountain on June 19th was Chris Kuelling, an Attorney subsequently also from Littleton, Colorado.  He was contacted by Olivia Beare, Steven's wife.  Chris had just made it to the summit and back down on Sunday June 18th. Chris was able to communicate daily with Olivia reporting SAR teams on the mountain, weather conditions, and other pertinent information.  Chris also helped connect Don Bowie with a translator the day Don arrived on the mountain making the transition of Chris leaving, and Don arriving seamless and allowing for continual communication back home to Olivia.

On the home front, everyone was thinking of ways to fund-raise and get the information out to multiple different groups.  Brent Kieffer, a fellow Police Officer of Littleton Police Department where Steven was currently employed had been inspired by Beare's love of mountain climbing and had set out to climb many of Colorado's 14ners. Brent created the logo for Climbing For Beare on a black flag with Steven's Littleton PD Badge number 1602.  Brent began his mission of climbing the Colorado 14ners with Grey's and Torrey's Peaks and will continue sharing his story with climbers he meets along the way. 

Olivia has known Amy for years and reached out to her knowing her experience working as a CPA and her knowledge of the laws with the IRS.  Amy helped process all the paperwork and tax forms for applying to become a 501(c)3.  She assisted with acquiring the bank accounts needed as well as setting up future projections for the foundation in the upcoming years. The entire process was all completed in less than two weeks time and we are honored to have all of these vital people a part of our team in the Search for Steven and all future Projects

Incident Commander

Don Bowie has been our Incident Commander since June 19th the day Olivia learned her husband was missing in Russia.  Don has connections worldwide and was able to be on the mountain by Thursday with a search team in place including private helicopters. 

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