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Help us provide assistance to missing climbers abroad and their families at home.


Climbing For Beare is a non-profit search, rescue, and recovery organization focused on aiding mountaineers from the United States that have gone missing while climbing one of the many beautiful international peaks all across the world, while also providing assistance to their families at home.

Project 1

Currently suspended: the Recovery Phase of the Search for Steven.  We raised 100,000 in donations to complete an extremely thorough exhaustive search of Mount Elbrus, Russia in September 2017 after the snow had melted.  The Rescue Phase was conducted from June 18 through June 30, 2017. 

All of our search, rescue and recovery efforts are funded solely by donations and private fundraising events.  All donations are tax deductible and 100% of our donations go directly to helping our climbers and their families during times of distress.  In the future we will be looking into Grants as well.


Do you have a family member or close friend that you believe has gone missing while attempting to climb a mountain internationally?  Please contact us directly so that we may be of assistance to you in starting your search and rescue, or continuing on to recovering your loved one.

Need Help

Latest Project

#SearchForSteven is our current on going project and the first one that our foundation, Climbing For Beare has provided assistance to.  Steven Beare is a 32 year old from Littleton, Colorado who went missing on June 14 2017 when he began his assent up Mount Elbrus in Russia.  Steven had aspirations to climb the Seven World Summits.  He completed Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa in February of 2015.  He also climbed one of the world's volcanic peaks, Mount Orizaba in Mexico in March of 2017.  Steven has completed 24 of the 53 Colorado 14,000+ ft mountains of the state.  Mount Elbrus in Russia, the European peak, would be his second world summit, and second volcanic summit.  He had plans to climb Denali (Mt McKinley) the North American peak in June of 2018 and Aconcagua the South American peak soon after.  He was going to wait for his children to be older to complete the Australian summit of Mount Kosciuszko when they would be able to join him and his wife.  Steven, pictured here with his wife Olivia and 21 month old son Brian, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next baby Beare, January 2018.  If you would like to provide assistance in the search for him please click donate and follow the prompts. 

Steven Beare, officer at Littleton Police Department, 3 years Colorado National Guard service, 8 years United States Army active duty service with two combat tours of duty, one to Iraq for 15 months and one to Afghanistan for 13 months

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